These days effective communication and information sharing are vital components for any project in any sector anywhere in the world. We offer a wide range of media solutions to the academic and heritage sector to help better visualize and publicize scientific, cultural and development projects and organizations across the globe. We believe that just because the topic of your project may be old, the way you share knowledge with others shouldn't be!

CommonSites offers three integrated solutions to the academic and cultural heritage communities. These are Really Simple Reporting (RSR), Dissemination and Research. Each are designed to help better understand, visualize and publicize scientific, cultural and development projects and organizations around the world. When combined these solutions form a strong foundation for developing an open, transparent and sustainable global cultural heritage agenda, one that benefits specialists, companies and communities alike.

The Really Simple Reporting (RSR) platform increases the visibility of cultural heritage projects and helps easily share knowledge and progress online. Photo, text or short video updates can be made from anywhere, allowing partners to keep anyone, including donors and funders, up-to-date with projects and programs and raise awareness and support for the needs of local communities around the world.

Alongside RSR, we offer a variety of media solutions, optimizing communication and dissemination. In tandem with our sister organization CommonStudio we bring extensive knowledge of media production, solid design and the use of social media to the world of cultural heritage. These increase access to information, inspire communication and reduce the costs of knowledge sharing for project partners. These include graphic- and web-design, web-development, film, documentary and animation production, aerial photography and filming and much more.

CommonSites believes that current technology can aid in developing ethical and sustainable cultural heritage practices around the world only if it is supported by dedicated research, backed by a network of trusted partners. Through the close links of our staff with academic and heritage institutions and consortia CommonSites brings both expertise and experience in archaeological, cultural heritage management and media research together to provide original research on a global level.

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