Really Simple Reporting

Research projects often struggle to communicate among their many partners, visualize results and share their progress in an appealing way to funders and the general public. The Really Simple Reporting (RSR) system is an innovative technological solution to help streamline communication, improve knowledge sharing and increase project visibility. Text, photo and video updates to any project can easily be made from anywhere in the world using a computer or smart phone, helping you share progress and gain support.

Each project in the RSR system gets its own page, designed to help tell the project’s story. Background information, project planning, goals, sustainability, funding details, updates and more are all displayed neatly and attractively, allowing followers to quickly search for your project, see your progress and even lend support through our donation system.

No project can run without the help of many individuals, organizations and institutions. Therefore the RSR system proudly displays all of their information by giving each RSR project partner their own page. For Support Partners and Funding partners RSR offers a Partner Branded Project Site (PBPS). This is a complete website customized to fit the corporate identity of the organization, showing all the projects for this specific organization. A PBPS can either be used as a stand-alone, ready-for-use online project portfolio for an organization, or it can be embedded within an existing website.

Share project updates
Using RSR makes it easy for projects to share their goals and progress almost anywhere online. Text, photo or short video updates can be shared from the field, keeping those interested up-to-date with real-time progress. To make the updating from anywhere in the world even simpler, we developed a mobile app. Read more on this in this blogpost.

After uploading the update to the system, RSR does not only show it on the general website of CommonSites, but also shares it directly anywhere else where the project is embedded. Because RSR makes it easy to share project updates directly on your own website, those of your partners or funders or anyone who takes an interest in your project, by offering widgets and an extensive API.

Anyone associated with a project can embed a RSR widget on their website or blog. Widgets provide a real-time window to the project information stored in the CommonSites database, effectively advertising and publishing all your projects and their progress. They let you and your visitors see what is going on as it happens. Our partners can even embed scrolling sets and map overviews of projects, bringing their site to life with field progress directly from all the projects they are funding or managing, while simplifying their online publishing and workflow.

For more information on widgets and how to install them, download our Widget Guide from our documents page.

Each project page in the RSR system has a funding section that shows the financial status, details and milestones of that project together with a Donate button. The system enables individual and corporate donors to lend financial support to your project with only a few clicks of a button. Donations are made using Paypal or iDeal with 98% of all donations going directly to the project. Donation history and donor information are displayed online helping you save time on paperwork and bookkeeping.

At the moment this payment system is still being handled by our Strategic Partner Akvo. They have Dutch ANBI status as well as 501c3 status in America, making donations tax deductible according to the laws of these two countries.

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