The topic of your project might be old, the way this knowledge is shared with others shouldn't be! We offer a wide range of media solutions to the academic and heritage sector to help better visualize and publicize scientific, cultural and development projects and organizations around the world. CommonStudio is the creative production studio of CommonSites that facilitates those new media solutions.

Modern media offers infinite opportunities to connect with the general public, specialists in your field and possible funders. CommonSites offers advice as well as a variety of production solutions to the academic and cultural heritage sectors aiding dissemination strategies, increasing knowledge valorization and the use of new and social media to help streamline communication and optimize knowledge sharing and public outreach.

Good design communicates better, clearer and has the power to engage others. Our sister organization CommonStudio brings extensive knowledge of solid design, media production and the use of new and social media to the worlds of academia and cultural heritage. Together and with a team of specialists we will work with you to find the right way to communicate and disseminate your project to the world. Solutions might include, graphic- and web-design, web-development, film, documentary and animation production, aerial photography and filming and much more.

Together we increase access to information, inspire communication and reduce the costs of knowledge sharing. Our joint projects range from designing and implementing dissemination work packages for international cultural heritage consortia, research on societal impact and the use of new and social media in cultural heritage management to planning dissemination activities such as e-seminars and conferences.

For more information about CommonStudio and to see their project portfolio go to www.commonstudio.eu