RSR Partners

A network of partner organizations contribute to projects in our RSR system. This network is arranged by separating organizations into three main categories according to their specific role within a project. An organization can have multiple roles and therefore multiple partner types assigned to them. They can be a Support Partner, Field Partner and/or a Funding Partner. Each role is different. But all are an important part of a project.

Support Partners

RSR Support Partners are reliable organizations with proven records of ethical and quality standards in the field of archaeological research and heritage management. As their name implies they support Field Partners in many different ways. They implement and oversee the quality of projects. They can supply knowledge, information, implementation support, training, and contacts. Support Partners are responsible for approving the project plan and monitoring progress. Usually a Support Partner uses the RSR platform to bring (a part of) their entire project portfolio online using the Partner Branded Project Site (PBPS).

RSR Support Partners are responsible for the financial aspects of the project. When a project is fully funded they will receive the entire amount, minus 2% of the total project budget which keeps our doors open.

If your organization is looking to become a Support Partner, please contact us


Field Partners

RSR Field Partners carry-out the projects listed in CommonSites, in collaboration with Support Partners and the local community. They handle the logistics of project planning and the day to day operation of the projects. Our Field Partners have been specially selected and vetted through the CommonSites partner network, in collaboration with our Support Partners. Most of the time Field Partners take care of the project updates that bring the project to life.

If your organization is looking to become a Field Partner, please contact us at


Funding Partners

If you represent a company, foundation, or other institution, and would like to donate to a CommonSites project, you can become a Funding Partner in the CommonSites RSR system. We will then display the name and logo of your organization with the project and you will get your own organization page. You can also follow the progress of the projects you fund on your own website by using our widgets or your own Partner Branded Project Site (PBPS).

A Funding Partner can range from individuals and groups of individuals to companies, scientific bodies, NGO’s, government organizations, and other types of organizations. If your organization is looking to become a Funding partner, please contact us at

If you represent a company and would like to donate directly to a project, please browse to the project you want to fund and click 'Donate'. You can then donate through PayPal or iDeal. All projects can be found on our RSR projects page.


If your organization is interested in becoming a Funding Partner and contributing to any or all of our great projects please contact us at


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