Program Partners

CommonSites is currently involved in several international programs initiated and/or coordinated by our Program Partners, ranging from governments, museums, cultural heritage businesses and universities. Together we work on a successful dissemination of those great programs, often integrated with research on the societal impact of cultural and heritage practices.

Dutch Foreign Affairs

‘Culture & Development in Sight’

ProgramThe Program Partner: Today, culture is an integral part of Dutch foreign policy. Cultural diplomacy can take many forms. Culture has the power to open doors in foreign relations and can be a catalyst for discussion and social change, both at home and abroad. The International Cultural Policy Unit (ICE) is a department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the ICE is responsible for international cultural policy. Its director is also the Netherlands' Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation. International cultural policy aims to strengthen the Netherlands' international cultural profile and its cultural ties with certain countries and regions.

The Partnership: CommonSites, together with our strategic partner, are working with the International Cultural Policy Unit (ICE) to increase the communication, visibility and transparency of projects funded within the framework of the ‘Culture and Development’ program. These projects approach culture as a powerful tool within development cooperation, and take place within the priority countries of Kenya, Mali, Surinam, Egypt, Palestinian Authorities, Indonesia, South Africa and Afghanistan. By making the projects visible online through Really Simple Reporting (RSR) on the dedicated partner page ‘Culture and Development in Sight’ , and by hosting RSR workshops at Dutch Embassies in the priority countries with local field partners, this project seeks to report the progress and energy of these projects right from the field.

EU JPI Heritage Values Program

The organisation: The Heritage Values Project (H@V) is a collaboration between University College London, Leiden University, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) and the University of Barcelona in the framework of the EU Joint Programme Initiative. The ‘Heritage Values Project’ seeks to initiate a European, cross-disciplinary dialogue between heritage practitioners, researchers and policy makers on ‘heritage values’. H@V runs from 2013-2015.

The program: CommonSites is working in close collaboration with the Heritage Values Project on its dissemination Workpackage, providing the consortium with a dissemination strategy that stimulates the development of a European partner network. CommonSites was asked by Leiden University to assist with the development of a multi-media dissemination platform for the consortium, as well as with dedicated dissemination strategies and evaluation procedures.

NEARCH EU Culture 2007

The Program Partner: In 2013 a large international research program called NEARCH (New scenarios for community involved Archaeology) was launched. This 5-years program focuses on the different dimensions of public participation in contemporary archaeology and aims to propose new ways of cooperation between stakeholders in a working field which is severely struck by the economic crisis. NEARCH is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the ‘culture’ programme EU Culture 2007. Currently, 15 academic and research organizations from 11 different European countries cooperate within the project, which is led by the Paris based organization INRAP. NEARCH runs from 2013-2018.

The Partnership: CommonSites has been asked to provide the tools to enhance project visibility and online dissemination. Currently, within the NEARCH programme several heritage projects are run by the various partners, forming an integral part of the programme, but are hitherto not visible nor accessible for the public. By providing NEARCH with the CommonSites RSR system this issue is solved, meaning that projects, ranging from the arts industry to computerized learning (but all in a heritage context focused on public participation) are brought online.

International Heritage Group

The Program Partner: The International Heritage Group (IHG) provides advice, analysis and advocacy, connecting the world of cultural heritage. IHG promotes equitable and adaptive local solutions to build resilient heritage management capabilities aligned with global benchmarks.

The Partnership: Both CommonSites and the International Heritage Group (IHG) were born during the same conference in Oxford in 2011 on developing capacity in cultural resource management. Since then, CommonSItes has worked closely together with IHG on stimulating global ethical practices in heritage management, seeking to provide open access to reliable information, connections with the best people and support to deliver change where it's needed. The IHG is a Founding Angel of CommonSites, and together we offer support, advise and mentorship to Field Partners that want to bring heritage projects online in our RSR system. CommonSites has assisted the IHG with its communication and marketing strategy, delivering its brand, logo and website. We are very proud to be a part of the early days of this great initiative and are excited to see what the future holds, both for the IHG and for the global heritage community.