At CommonSites we believe that local and global heritage practices and policies should be both ethical and sustainable. We work together with individuals and organizations around the world to achieve this goal. Together we believe that an open and energized global heritage community is achievable.

When we started a wide range of leading international organizations in the fields of archaeology, heritage management, development aid and IT advised us and gave their support. Now, our Strategic Partners ensure that we deliver high-quality, cost-effective and successful programs.

For our RSR project platform we use a network of RSR Partners to ensure that our projects meet the highest quality standards and practices for scientific and/or heritage management, conservation and development. This network is arranged into three categories, each having their own task and competences within the RSR system. Whether you are a Support Partner, a Field Partner or a Funding Partner you have a part to play in each and every project. Together we can create an open and energized global heritage community.

CommonSites is currently involved in several international programs initiated and/or coordinated by our Program Partners. Together we work to successfully disseminate these great programs and projects in many formats to audiences all over the world.

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