Below you can find our User Contribution Policy. Please also consult our Disclaimer and Legal issues.

User contribution policy

Updated: 15-02-2012
 The CommonSites Website ("") is intended to be an active, enlightening and user-driven community. We welcome the free participation of anybody with an interest in the information that it provides.
 This User Contribution Policy is a set of rules to help ensure that the Website remains a civil and enjoyable place to be. These rules apply to user comments, user profiles, link submissions and any and all other content you upload for display on the Website. Additional terms and conditions apply to content submitted to the Website, and are detailed in our Terms of Use, see our Disclaimer. 
 If you break these rules, or the additional conditions described in the Terms, CommonSites and/or The Akvo Foundation may decide to suspend your account for a period of time, at our sole discretion. If you feel that we have made an error, please contact us at We want you as part of our community, so we will do our best to resolve any problems in a friendly way.
 Egregious or repeated violations of these rules will result in a permanent ban.
 We reserve the right to be the final decision-maker on all user contribution matters. Any decision we make shall not be open to debate. We will promptly and permanently remove from and/or any content or contribution that we are aware of, and that, in our opinion, violates these rules.
 • Do not upload illegal content of any kind.
 • Do not upload content that violates the copyright of others.
 • Do not upload NSFW* (Not Safe For Work) images or content, nor links to NSFW content.
 • Do not upload graphic** images or content, nor links to graphic content.
 • Do not upload rotating images.
 • Do not upload hate speech.
 • Do not upload private or contact information, no matter how easily obtained.
 • Do not upload broken images or links.
 • Do not upload repetitively or upload spam.
 • Do not re-upload content that we have previously deleted.
 • Do not encourage others to perform illegal acts.
 • Do not attempt to hack, flood, DoS, reverse engineer, crack passwords, or otherwise compromise or
 • Do not provoke or harass other users.
 • Do not provoke or harass or, its maintainers or partners.
 • Do not discuss banned users.
 • Do not attempt to make discussions all about you.
 • Do not threadjack.
 * Not Safe For Work is defined as any content that would be deemed unacceptable in the average professional workplace.
 ** Graphic images or content is defined as any content that CommonSites or the Akvo Foundation believes would cause a reasonable viewer to feel ill, upset, or uncomfortable.
 CommonSites along with The Akvo Foundation reserves the right to change this User Contribution Policy at any time by posting changes online. You agree to review this agreement periodically to ensure you are aware of any changes. Your continued use of the Website after any changes are posted means you agree to be legally bound by the User Contribution Policy as updated and/or amended.