The CommonSites Facebook app.

By: David de Bruijne

Facebook still has the capacity to reach more people in a single stroke than any other social media outlet. For those organisations that are active on Facebook, we developed the Projects App: Really Simple Reporting (RSR) integrated in Facebook, creating a direct link and thus increasing traffic and visibility of your projects.

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What is Really Simple Reporting (RSR)?

By: David de Bruijne

Find out what Really Simple Reporting can do for you.

Imagine: a support partner with a projects section on its website listing all their current projects; a funding organization featuring a single project in need of donations on its homepage; a field partner keeping partners up-to-date on the latest work completed.

Get your Map Widget.

By: David de Bruijne

All the projects visualized on an interactive world map. Now available as a widget.

As of today, the first of a range of exciting RSR (Really Simple Reporting) widgets is available on CommonSites, developed by our strategic partner (who is actively working on more). This solution allows anyone associated with a project to simply embed a RSR widget on their own website or blog. Widgets provide a real-time window to the project information stored in the CommonSites database, effectively advertising and publishing all your projects and their progress. They let you and your visitors see what is going on as it happens.

Multi Language Feature available in RSR

By: Sjoerd van der Linde

CommonSites project interface available in multiple languages!

As of today, the interface of all CommonSites projects are available in English, Spanish, French and Dutch. Thanks to this nifty RSR solution from Akvo, this means you can choose the language you would like to see the user interface in, by selecting your preference in the drop-down box in the top right hand corner of each page.

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