The CommonSites Facebook app.

By: David de Bruijne

Facebook still has the capacity to reach more people in a single stroke than any other social media outlet. For those organisations that are active on Facebook, we developed the Projects App: Really Simple Reporting (RSR) integrated in Facebook, creating a direct link and thus increasing traffic and visibility of your projects.

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Publication in Elsevier

By: Sjoerd van der Linde

Digging for Sponsors

Today, we are proud to inform you that a 2-page article on CommonSites will appear in the Dutch news-magazine 'Elsevier'. The article is based upon a lengthy interview with CommonSites General Director Sjoerd van der Linde, and talks about the possibilities and practicalities of crowdfunding in the heritage field. It also digs deeper into the successes that Mark Driessen, one of our partners from Leiden University, has had with crowdfunding for his Udruh project in Jordan. Martijn Manders from the Dutch Heritage Agency also talks about the new collaboration he has set up with CommonSites to promote support in theDutch maritime archaeological field - something about which we are extremely proud!

The article was written by Theo Toebosch, and can be read here.

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The new CommonSites Facebook app is here!

By: Adam Jagich

The CommonSites Facebook app is now available.

In spite of their latest and best efforts to cut off communication between 'friends' Facebook is still the undisputed king of social media platforms*. I recently asked my teenage sister which companies she followed on Facebook.  She said she follows the clothing and sneaker lines she wears, the food she likes and the organizations she feels are doing good for the world.  "Why follow them?", I asked.  "Because", she said, "if it ain't on Facebook than it's not real".

Facebook: I want my friends back!

By: David de Bruijne

Facebook is changing their tactics and this is what's happening.

Have you noticed that you're not receiving any posts on your newsfeed anymore from a lot of friends and pages you liked?

NOTE 16 Nov 2012: See the comment below for an update on this conversation.

Facebook is now pushing us to pay to promote every post/update we make in order to reach out to our fans. In an attempt to force us to pay they only let approximately 15% of you receive each update from us on your newsfeed. Read more on this topic below and find out how to solve this yourself.

Once upon a timeā€¦

Ten projects up and counting.

By: Adam Jagich

A small victory on a very long path towards developing an open and energized global heritage community.

I once asked a professional marathon runner how they could train for and run such a long race (26.22 miles or 42.195 kilometers for you metric readers).  Her response was simple.  "I never think about running the entire race," she said "I only run to the next lamp post, the next stop sign or the next intersection.  Eventually the only thing left to run towards is the finish line".

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