You(r) Archaeology:portraying the past

By: Krijn Boom

Up until July 31st 2015, all European citizens can answer the question what archaeology means to them and show us by entering a drawing, painting, photo or video in this European competition.

What does archeology mean for you? Do you think you are able to capture it through a photo, film or drawing? Do you like to win an exciting price?

Then the European competition 'You(r) Archaeology: Portraying the past' might be something for you!

The competition is coordinated by IBC – The Institute for Cultural, Natural and Artistic Heritage of the Region of Emilia Romagna, with the collaboration of research institutions in 9 other European countries. It is open to all citizens of the 28 EU countries and includes a special section for children (0-12 years).

'You(r) Archaeology' is one of the many initiatives that the European NEARCH project has launched in order to analyse how the inhabitants of the European Community perceive archaeology and their archaeological heritage and has its own project page on CommonSites. We already wrote two blog-post on the collaboration between CommonSites and the NEARCH programme which you can read here and here.

By taking part in the competition, each person can express his or her point of view of archaeology and maybe win a trip to discover extraordinary places or even become a protagonist of an international exhibition!

Below you can find some more information for this competition:

Be sure to join the competition before the end of Juli and maybe you will win one of the exciting prices!

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