What is Really Simple Reporting (RSR)?

By: David de Bruijne

Find out what Really Simple Reporting can do for you.

Imagine: a support partner with a projects section on its website listing all their current projects; a funding organization featuring a single project in need of donations on its homepage; a field partner keeping partners up-to-date on the latest work completed.

In the past this information had to be passed back and forth through partner organizations as a project was born, funded, implemented and monitored. Maintenance and sharing of the information was labor intensive.

CommonSites eliminates the burden of maintenance while facilitating access to and use of the latest project information. All project data is kept in one central place, our Really Simple Reporting (RSR) system, and is published via widgets.

Widgets are pieces of code that can be embedded on your website or blog. They provide a real-time window to the project information stored in the CommonSites system. Widgets let you and your site visitors see what is going on now, whether it be the arrival of new funds or the latest progress from the field. They help you and your partners do more work with less effort by using one central source of project information.

By placing CommonSites widgets on your website you can:
• publicize all your projects
• advertise a specific project in need of funds
• keep people updated on recent project progress
• track how many projects you have going
• show all organizations involved in a project

The current generation of widgets features project widgets, the listing widget and the map widget. The project widgets come in several different formats and sizes to fit a variety of site layouts. Some widgets have Donate buttons, some show part of the project overview or the latest update on project progress. The listing widget and map show all projects from your organization. Whatever your need, there is a widget that fits.

Placing a widget
Putting a widget on your web page is a matter of copying a snippet of HTML code and pasting it into the appropriate place in your site files. The RSR system generates this code for you. The widget colour, shape and layout can be customized to fit the design of your website. Some widgets are available for free on the specific project page at CommonSites.net, while others are available only to registered users whose organizations have paid accounts. If you are interested in getting a widget that’s currently not available for your organization, please contact us at info@commonsites.net..

You can find your widgets in the right lower corner of each project page within our RSR platform in the ‘Tools for this page’ section. 

Here you can download the Widgets Guide.pdf





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