The CommonSites Facebook app.

By: David de Bruijne

Facebook still has the capacity to reach more people in a single stroke than any other social media outlet. For those organisations that are active on Facebook, we developed the Projects App: Really Simple Reporting (RSR) integrated in Facebook, creating a direct link and thus increasing traffic and visibility of your projects.

Visit the CommonSites Facebook app here.

It attractively and accurately displays projects from the RSR system automatically on Facebook. No manual updates needed.The interactive map shows project locations and the project table below lists the current status of the most recent projects in real-time.

The great part about the app is that it allows those who have found your company on Facebook to see your projects directly. By clicking on points on the map or a particular project in the list users can jump to project pages and see your detailed project updates, providing yet another way for you to generate traffic to your projects.

Specific elements can be customised for optimised integration:
- Header. (Logo and image can be replaced)
- Introduction text. (Any text can be put here)
- Projects map. (It can zoom to a specific area displaying all the projects)
- Projects list. (The amount of projects displayed)
- Footer. (Custom links can be made)

The Facebook app is now available and the team at CommonSites will gladly assist you and your organisation in producing one. For more information please contact

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