Introducing Akvo RSR Up

By: Krijn Boom

Akvo releases Akvo RSR Up mobile application

Thanks to the great efforts made by Akvo, our strategic partner responsible for the development and upkeep of the Really Simple Reporting system (RSR), a new piece of technology is released! Called the Akvo RSR Up, this mobile app is designed and created to easily upload project updates from Android devices. The app is available for free at the Google Play store and will also be released at the F-Droid store at a later time.

You can create and prepare an update when you are offline and, once online again, you will be able to publish your updates. In case of low-bandwith, which is not uncommon in the field, the app provides a useful setting called ‘Delay Fetching Pictures’. This optimizes the refreshing process by stalling downloading data. This is explained in detail in this introduction video, starring the lead developer of this app.

This Akvo release also works for the projects on CommonSites, since these projects run on the same RSR system. If you have a project on CommonSites and would like to use this app, simply follow the steps listed below and simplyupdate your project straight from the field, using your mobile phone!

  1. Installation
    Please download and install the RSR Up app from Google Play on your Android smartphone here or search for the RSR Up app on Google Play.

  2. Launching the App
    Once the app is installed, it is ready to be launched from your device. Tap the RSR app icon to open the sign-in page. Please login with the Username and Password for your respective RSR account.If you don’t have a Username yet, please register here

  3. Refreshing your projects
    When you have logged in, go to the Project list which will show as empty during the initial set-up. To fetch information about your specific organization projects, press the Refresh project list button. Fetching this data with pictures etc. will take some time. If you have access to many projects it could take several minutes. When you are done, the screen looks something like this 

  4. Add an update
    Updates can either be Published or Draft. Published updates are saved on the RSR server. A Draft update exists only on your device. When you succeed in sending it, it becomes Published. If sending fails, it remains a  Draft, and you can edit it until it is sent.Tapping Take photo sends you to the camera App to let you take a photo for the update. Tapping Attach photo displays a menu where you can pick a picture that is already on your device.If the update has a photo there is a button to remove it. You can then add another.

In the mean time, Akvo will keep updating and tweaking the App to improve user experience. Let us know what you think of this App in the comments section below.



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