Get your Map Widget.

By: David de Bruijne

All the projects visualized on an interactive world map. Now available as a widget.

As of today, the first of a range of exciting RSR (Really Simple Reporting) widgets is available on CommonSites, developed by our strategic partner (who is actively working on more). This solution allows anyone associated with a project to simply embed a RSR widget on their own website or blog. Widgets provide a real-time window to the project information stored in the CommonSites database, effectively advertising and publishing all your projects and their progress. They let you and your visitors see what is going on as it happens.

The first widget that is available is the 'map-widget', which allows you to embed an interactive map of all projects in our system per Trusted Partner. The widget is available on each Branded Partner Project Sites when you view a specific project. The widget retrieved from the project-page will show the specific projects of the Trusted Partner owning the Branded Partner Project Site.More widgets will be released soon - our partners can for instance get short project overviews of projects, bringing their site to life with field progress directly from all the projects they are funding or managing, while simplifying their online publishing workflow.

Widgets can be found in the right-hand corner on the project-pages, in the 'Tools for this page'-box. Click 'Get a Widget', tweak the widget in your own colors and style, and copy a short piece of HTML-code in your websites and blogs. Simple as that!

More exciting news soon.

For now, go check out this feature!

David de Bruijne - Creative Director, CommonSites

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