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By: Adam Jagich

CommonSites Really Simple Reporting

At CommonSites we have two goals.  First, we would like to promote the projects we are interested in – archaeological research and heritage management.  Second, we would like to make it easy for researchers and heritage specialists to help and involve the communities with which they are confronted with each year.

Our mission is to provide innovative tools to create open, transparent and easily accessible relationships among funders, partners and communities, to stimulate ethical and sustainable heritage practices around the world.  We don’t fund novel research, but instead fund heritage projects around that research which have some form of added value. 

Every year thousands of scientists, archaeologists and heritage management specialists hit the field.  They travel around the world, many times to remote locations to study and preserve the physical remains of the past.  These remains are not only linked to societies in the past, but also have social, cultural and economic value and meaning to communities in the present.  At CommonSites we want to bring these sites, projects and communities to life. 
By packaging heritage sites in such a vibrant and interactive way CommonSites increases visibility and accountability of heritage projects and promotes communication among communities around the world.  Find out what CommonSites can do for your heritage projects. Get your projects online!

Adam Jagich
Scientific Director

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02 March 12 at 12:37

I do find super interesting your proposal. It is exactly what I need. I am archaeologist, expert in wall painting conservation and restoration, member of ICAHM-ICOMOS. I am trying to give birth to an Asian project ....


Sjoerd van der Linde

05 March 12 at 18:08

Dear Odile,

thanks for your interest. Please contact us at with your ideas!



03 March 12 at 15:12

Just what was needed!
This was the missing link.


George S

04 March 12 at 15:09

This looks really good. Very impressive. I will contact you with project proposal soon :-)


Sjoerd van der Linde

04 March 12 at 15:11

Dear George,

thanks for your interest. Please contact us at with your ideas!