A new Project Editor in RSR

By: David de Bruijne

We proudly present a new project editor that lets you add, edit or publish project information directly, without the need to fill in a PDF form and send it to us. You'll find the project editor when you log into MyRSR.

Until now, in order to get a project online, a partner needed to complete a PDF form and send it back to us. We then manually copied and pasted all the information to the backend of the RSR platform. This process has become time consuming and the need for digitalisation grew. 

Our partner Akvo has been working on a new project editor, which can be found when you log into MyRSR. Depending on your user role, the project editor allows you to add, edit and/or publish project information directly.

    RSR user roles:

You(r) Archaeology:portraying the past

By: Krijn Boom

Up until July 31st 2015, all European citizens can answer the question what archaeology means to them and show us by entering a drawing, painting, photo or video in this European competition.

What does archeology mean for you? Do you think you are able to capture it through a photo, film or drawing? Do you like to win an exciting price?

The new RSR is almost here

By: D. de Bruijne

As we get close to a new release of RSR (Really Simple Reporting), Adrian Collier (product manager at Akvo) reflects on the past, the present and the future of RSR. RSR is developed and supported at Akvo. Learn about the changes to come and how RSR can make the most of bringing your projects online.

Wanted: History Communicators

By: Adam Jagich

Getting the general public to engage with and more importantly care about an academic subject isn’t easy.

But Public History Commons, a division of the National Council on Public History think they have found a way to do just that.

The CommonSites Facebook app.

By: David de Bruijne

Facebook still has the capacity to reach more people in a single stroke than any other social media outlet. For those organisations that are active on Facebook, we developed the Projects App: Really Simple Reporting (RSR) integrated in Facebook, creating a direct link and thus increasing traffic and visibility of your projects.

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