CommonSites is an international initiative that provides a unique web-based platform for the heritage sector. It is based in the Netherlands. It has a dedicated Management staff supported by a Board of Advisors, and it is backed by a range of Founding Angels and Strategic Partners.

Meet our team:

Sjoerd van der Linde

Sjoerd van der Linde is General Director and Co-Founder of CommonSites. He
combines his field experience in archaeology and heritage management with his background in web-design and heritage presentation. Sjoerd is responsible for the overall strategy and management of CommonSites, and in charge of partnerships. Besides this, he currently is a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University in the field of Archaeological Heritage Management. Previously, he worked as Head of Site Management and Interpretation at the Centre for Applied Archaeology of University College London, and as Interpretation Officer Stonehenge at English Heritage. He has undertaken projects in the UK, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Mali, Jordan, Syria and the Dutch Antilles.

Adam Jagich

Adam Jagich is Scientific Director and Co-Founder of CommonSites. He combines
his knowledge of archaeology and his general love for science with his field
experience and contacts in the archaeological and scientific communities to bring
knowledge and information to the general public. He is responsible for content
management. His previous research has taken him around the world with excavations in Belize, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Krijn Boom

Krijn Boom is the Designer of CommonSites. He recently obtained his Masters Degree in Archaeology and while currently following a PhD trajectory in archaeological heritage management at Leiden University, Krijn participates in the CommonSites project. With his combined background in multi-media design, communication management and archaeology he adds true value and fits the team well. Besides studying and participating in the CommonSites project, Krijn has his own web design company and can be found working on his motorcycle when he’s not  actually riding it.

Brittany Groot

Brittany Groot is our Corporate Engagement Strategy Advisor.

PhD candidate, Cultural Heritage, Leiden University Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble, Geneva


David de Bruijne

David de Bruijne is Chairman and Co-Founder of CommonSites. He has
broad experience in the field of advertising, media production and design. He is passionate about making a difference through new media. As Ceative Director he is responsible for design, concept, communication and project management

David started as an Animation Director and worked as a Creative Producer for internationally renowned advertising agencies. He has been involved with setting up the studio for ON and OTTONICO, and has worked for MTV in the early days. His educational background is a combination of Industrial Design at TU Delft and Image & Media Technology at Utrecht Arts Academy. His love for surfing has taken him around the world.

Rutger Colenbrander

Rutger Colenbrander is a board member of CommonSites Foundation. He studied International and European Law in Amsterdam and New York. After graduating with a Master of Laws degree  he joined Norton Rose LLP in Amsterdam where he worked in both the corporate finance and projects practice groups. He spent six months in Norton Rose's Johannesburg office advising on the development of renewable energy projects in South Africa, before joining the United Nations as a Legal Officer in 2012..